Handmade For You

Made to YOUR order!

We love to work on suits, dresses, shirts, coats, and any custom items you desire. We often make clothing you find in a magazine or on the web – just bring us the picture (higher quality is better) so we can see and imitate the design and fit it for your body. Anything is possible at Ha Na Tailor!

Our made-to-order process requires at least 24 hours, preferably 2 days or 3 max, depending on how perfect you want your attire.

Step 1: we meet you, assess your requirements, help you choose your fabrics and styles, and measure you for the various items you are wanting.

Step 2: within 24 hours you return to Ha Na Tailor to try on your new clothes. Reserve at least an hour if you have multiple items to try on. We will chalk mark and pin to adjust the clothes to get the perfect fit.

Step 3: within 12-24 hours from the first fitting, depending on our volume of customers, we will have your clothes ready for pickup! Occasionally you may need some final adjustments, which usually take an hour or two to get completed – giving you time for some final shopping before you leave Hoi An.

Followup Orders: visit our online ordering page if you’d like to reorder, or email us for reorders.